CDC Nymph

I have been looking around the net and found this nymph which uses CDC for movement. It looks very fish attracting to me and I cannot wait to try it.


Hook – Jig #14

Bead – Tungsten silver 3mm

Thread – 14/0 grey

Tail – CDC red

Rib – Holographic tinsel silver

Hackle – CDC natural

Body – Hare natural

Tying Instructions

Place the bead on the hook and place the hook in the vice. Run thread along the shank and tie in the CDC for the tailBlog flies 16-05-23-2539

Tie in the CDC under the bead to give a beard type hackleBlog flies 16-05-23-2540

Dub and rib the body and whip finishBlog flies 16-05-23-2541

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