Experimental Nymph

This is a pattern I am trying to develop -if you use please let me know the results.


Hook Czech Nymph #18

Underbody – Flat lead

Thread – GSP or red

Body – Nymph-it pearl

Rib – Body glass brown

Tying Instructions

Lay down a layer of lead and varnish.


Tie in the rib and nymph- it at the bend. Form the body of nymph it and then rib with the body glass. Secure and whip finish. Colour the head and varnish. blog-fly-4252


Chenille Body Nymph

This is a very successful nymph in clear water. In coloured water I use it with an orange tinsel body and orange (Hends 294) thorax.


Hook – Jig Hook #14

Bead – 3mm Tungsten Silver

Thread – GSP or to match thorax

Rib – Wire red 0.18mm

Body – Tinsel purple

Body – Chenille Standard heat sealed at one end

Thorax – Flash – Hends #17

Leg – Duck flank

Tying Instructions

Place the bead on the hook and insert in the vice. Tie in the wire rib and returning to the eye tie in the tinsel


Wind the tinsel to the bend and back. Lay down a bed of varnish before winding the tinsel to her secure the tinsel. Tie in the Chenille.blog-fly-2

Wind the wire in open turns to secure the chenille to the shank. Secure the wire and break off.blog-fly-3

Dub the thorax and tie in 8 fibres of duck flank for legs. whip finish and varnish to complete.blog-fly-4



Orange nymph

This is great pattern and a very effective fish catcher on the dropper. It was originally tied by Alex Adams.


Hook – Czech Nymph #14

Underbody – Flat lead

Thread – GSP coloured with a felt pen or red

Rib – Monofilament 6lb

Body – Flash dubbing Hends #2

Overbody – Magic Shrimp

Tying Instructions

Lay down a body of flat lead and colour with orange nail varnish. Tie in the rib and overbody.


Dub the body. Bring the overbody to the eye and secure. Rib the body. Colour the head if using GSP and varnish.blog-fly-4247

Leggy Czech Nymph

This fly is very smooth and so will sink quickly. The amount of underbody lead varies the sink rate.


Hook  – Czech nymph #8

Underbody – Flat lead coated with nail varnish

Rib – Wire black

Body – Antron yarn

Thread – GSP

Coating  – UV resin and felt pen to colour

Tying Instructions

Wind on touching turns of flat lead and then add a smaller layer to give the scud body shape. Coat with pink nail varnish and set aside to dry. When dry tie in the wire rib and the antron yarn.


Wind the antron yarn to form the body and secure with thread. Tie the rib in open turns and secure.blog-fly-4243

Cat the sides and top of the fly with clear Bug Bond. Colour with felt pens and varnish.blog-fly-4244

Careful cut between the ribs with a scalpel to release the treads and form the legsblog-fly-4245

Stripped Quill Nymph

This proved a great grayling fly for me in the past season.


Hook – Jig #14-16

Bead Tungsten Silver 2.5-3mm

Abdomen  – Orange thread

Thorax – Striped peacock quill coated with varnish

Thorax II – Hare – Argentinean

Tying Instructions

Place the bead on the hook and insert in the vice. Lay down a body of thread and tie in the quill midway up the body.


Wind the quill and cover with varnish. blog-fly-4249

Dub the thorax and tie off.blog-fly-4250

Sparkle yarn nymph

This is a neat general use pattern.


Hook – Cz Nymph #12

Bead – Copper 3 mm tungsten

Underbody – Flat or square lead

Thread – 8/0 fawn

Body – Sparkle yarn fawn

Thorax – Argentinean hare pink

Tying Instructions

Place the bead on the hook and then place the hook in the vice. Add the lead underbody and tie on the thread.


Secure the yarn and wind to give a segmented body.


Dub the thorax and whip finish.


Ice Yarn Nymph

This is a variant on the pink and black colour combination which is deadly for grayling fishing.It is simple to tie with few materials.


Hook – Cz Nymph #10

Underbody – Flat or square lead

Thread – Black 8/0

Abdomen – Ice yarn pink

Thorax – Black

Tying Instructions

Place the hook in the vice and add an underbody of lead.


Secure the yarn.


Tension the yarn by turning with the direction of twist of the yarn. Wind to form a segmented body.


Form a head of thread. Whip finish and varnish.